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Why do we come ?

Due to the increasingly complex demands of today’s architects and designers, the design and layout of anchors and splices in reinforced concrete involve a unique combination of art and science. Practical considerations limit full length continuous reinforcements throughout any sizeable structure. Splicing of reinforcement becomes unavoidable.

Traditionally accepted forms of splicing reinforcing steel bars has been to lap them. The method involves placing two bars together next to each other, over defined minimum lengths and then holding them in position using wire ties.

In recent years, we have seen a major transformation in the construction industry, fuelled by a number of compelling factors.

Increased complexities in design and construction.
Advancements with hybrid concrete / steel design and standards.
Modern construction techniques.
Demand for increased speed in construction.
Increased labour costs.
Safety performance criteria.
Increased material cost.

As a result of the above factors, the industry has been forced to look for an alternative to Lap splices. At Gtech we have developed a mechanical splicing system called Spliceman. The system involves the use of Couplers, that is cost effective, quick & easy to install and results in a superior splice. Importantly engineers globally have recognized the advantages of the Spliceman system over Lap splicing.

Use SPLICEMAN couplers to:
Reduce consumption of steel
Increase tensile and compressive capacity of RC Structure
Avoid congestion of reinforcement bars
Reduce concrete / steel ratio and improve concrete quality by having bigger space between bars
Avoid formation of voids or honey-comb in concrete element
Avoid use of expensive starter bar boxes
Protect expensive system formwork
Avoid bend and re-bend of bigger reinforcement bars
Increase speed of work due to faster and easier installation






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