SANY Crawler Crane 550E

SCC 550E




Technical Features
1. Highly Secured Control System:
There are two operation modes, working and assembly
for your convenience. It features with electronic level
gauge, machine-leaving stop action, and emergency
electrical control, with complete set of safety and
monitoring device. Load moment limiter is free of
calibration, providing higher safety of the equipment, and
less auxiliary operating time; slewing area limit device is
optional, to improve the safety of the equipment;
2. Excellent Operating Performance:
Maximum load regulation and electronic-over-hydraulic
controls ensure smooth micro-movement and stable
operation. A real-time queried electronic load chart is
provided, more conveniently and quickly;
3. Reliable Function Assurance:
The safety margin in structural design is sufficient;
hydraulic technology of world-renowned brands, and
high-quality key parts, such as pumps, valves, motors,
and reducers, are also adopted to ensure system stability
and reliability. The control system is fully capable to
function stably in extreme weather, such as high-andcold,
high-temperature, and high plateau weather;
sensor has a protection against lightning strike; the entire
machine adopts the closed wiring way, with waterproof
/ dust-proof protective grade up to IP65; the machine
passed the verification test of the strength that is higher
above two times of that in industry, having high reliability;
4.Convenient Maintenance Access:
It takes no more than 10min/person to adjust, no more
than 30 min/person for daily maintenance and no more
than 2h/person to repair the machine.GPS remote
monitoring system is optional for easy maintenance and
5.Powerful lifting capacity:
T h e m a x imu m l i f t i n g c a p a c i t y o f b o o m i s
55t×3.7m=203.5t·m; the longest boom is 52m; the rated
single rope pull of main and auxiliary lifting winches is 6.5t;
6.High-efficient operating speed:
Outmost layer line speed of main and auxiliary lifting
winches is 120m/min, and of luffing winch is 72m/min;
7.Flexible Configuration Combination:
Free fall winch is optional for main and auxiliary lifting
8.Large Chassis Design:
Large chassis design ensures excellent machine
performance and stability within 360°rotation.
9.Optimized Transportation Programs:
With telescopic crawler, the maximum transportation
width of whole machine is 3.36m, ensuring it to be
transported around freely.

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