SANY Crawler Crane SCC 1500D



OUTLINE dimensions


Main Technical Features

1. Safety control system:
Two convenient and reliable modes of operation; working and
installation, with real-time level display, stop operation braking
away from machine, electrical emergency control,anti-lightning
protection, automatically walk switches, CCTV monitoring
function, complete safety and supervision system;

2. Excellent operating performance:
Load-sensing, limit load regulation and electro-hydraulic
proportional micro-speed control make each inching
performance extremely good and operation more stable;

3. Reliable functions assurance:
Sufficient safety margin for structural and mechanical design;
control system can operate stably in harsh environments such
as cold, high temperature, altitude and sandy conditions;

4. Convenient maintenance technology:
It takes approximately no more than 10min/person to adjust;no
more than 30min/person for daily maintenance;no more than 2h/
person to repair.GPS remote monitoring system is optional for
maintenance and management;

5. Powerful lifting capacity:
The maximum lifting capacity of boom is 112.5t*8m=900tm, the
longest main boom81m;

6. Efficient self assembly and disassembly
The whole machine can be assembled and disassembled by
itself, and the assembly of basic machine only requires 3h; the
patented synchronic control technology of one-key lifted mast
has independent intellectual property right;

7. Optimized transportation program:
The transportation width of basic machine is only 3m, with a
transportation weight of 42t, so it can be transported around
the world without limitation;

8. Large-Chassis design:
Track frame which can be broadened, ensuring excellent
machine and job stability within the range of 360 degree
rotation with a gauge of 6m;

9. Automatic traveling direction:
The crane may travel forward through automatic adjustment
after slewing 180o;

10. Fuel heater (optional):
Able to satify low temperature igniation in extremely cold areas;

11. Two-stage filter of engine:
Enable the use of domestic diesel engine;

12. Detection switch for on/off state of butterfly
it is used for preventing the main pump from being sucked off
and facilitating maintenance;

13. 100% load travel:
Powerful tracking force and travel smoothness bring the
advantages of crawler crane into full play;

14. Broad adaptability:
Meet certification requirements of CE, North America,
Australia, Russia and Taiwan; the engine emission complies
with the European and U.S. Non-highway Stage 3 Standards


■ Rated power/speed: 242kW/2100rpm.
■ Maximum torque: 1424N·m/1500rpm.
■ Emission standards: Tier 3.
■ Air filter: double filtration system compose of air prefilter
and air filter.
■ Fuel tank: capacity of 400.

2)Hydraulic System
■ Configuration of hydraulic system: Advanced hydraulic
system, including the main pump, main valve, control
handle and motor reducer. It is efficient, energy
saving, stable and reliable.
■ It has excellent micro-rotation and per formance
improvement, load sensing; limit load regulation makes
the operation more stable.
■ Adopt cont rolled hydraulic oil cooling system
3)Main and Auxiliary Hoisting Mechanisms
■ The main and auxiliary winches are separately driven
and are easy to assemble with their concise structure;
the maintenance-free, built-in wet brake, boasting low
abrasion, ensures the safety of winches.
■ The variable hydraulic motor achieves max. winch
speed by adjusting the displacement automatically
according to load.
■ High-quality non-rotating wire rope is selected to
secure high hoisting safety and long service life.
4)Swing Mechanism
■ Driven by swing motor and hydraulically buffered it
may provide 360°.
■ Brake: Built-in, wet, spring-loaded normal-engaged
disk brake applies braking through spring force and
release braking through oil pressure.
■ Lock: A locking device is provided to protect
the upper slewing from impact during hoisting
■ Swing ring: Triple-row roller slewing ring.
■ Swing speed: 0~2.0r/min.

5)Main And Auxiliary Luffing Mechanisms
The main luffing mechanism adopts tandem Drum.
NO.3 Main luffing winch
Drum diameter 460mm
Rope speed of the outermost working layer (0~24)×2 m/min
Wire rope diameter 20mm
Wire rope length of main luffing winch 320m
Rated single rope pull force line pull 9.73t
Specification of wire rope Right-rotary
alternating twist


Name                                      Q’ty         Single                      piece
weight(kg)             Weight (kg)
Counterweight block                  8             5500                      44000
Counterweigh tray                     1             9000                        9000
Central counterweight                2             8000                      16000
Total weight of all counterweights (kg)                                    69000

6) Cab
■ Unique SANY-style and all-closed driver’s cab in
the latest design, with wide vision, is equipped with
adjustable seat, and heating and cooling air conditioner.
■ Four head lights provide illumination for far and near
■ Large glass window with rearview mirror makes the field
of vision broader .
■ Armrest box may be adjusted forward and backward with
the seat, comfortable to operate, and it complies with
ergonomic principle in a more desirable way.
■ The driver’s cab can be adjusted according to the
operating needs, capable of realizing 20° pitching.
■ upward or downward, and it can be rotated to the right
front of platform.
■ The pitching cab broadens the operation vision of the
driver , thus improving the safety in operation; it can be
rotated and thus reduces the transportation width.

7)Control Operation
■ All actions of the crawler travel unit are controlled by the
traveling pedal (control lever). The left traveling pedal
(control lever) drives the left crawler while the right
traveling pedal (control lever) drives the right crawler. The
engine speed is controlled by the foot throttle or hand
throttle and the start switch is located on the right armrest
box. The control handles of main luffing and main winch
are located on the right armrest box while the control
handles of auxiliary winch, auxiliary luffing/slewing control
handles on the left armrest box. To the right front of seat is
the auxiliary control box, on the control panel of which all
switches are operated manually to realize corresponding
■ The operation of traveling pedal (control lever) has the
function of automatic direction adjustment, that is, the
operation direction is always the front direction of the


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