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Wika Gedung Project - Apartemen Tamansari Mahogany Karawang Barat

Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung
PT. Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung, better known as PT. Wika Gedung, is one of the strategic business units of PT. WIJAYA KARYA. As a self-managed business entity,

PT.Wika Gedung aims to accelerate its business growth by highlighting punctuality and efficiency in all aspects of its operation. In the future, with its growing contribution to the group, PT. Wika Gedung is projected to be one of the main backbones of Wijaya Karya Holding Company.

As a fast-growing building construction provider, PT. Wika Gedung is more than just constructing buildings,but we always value such aspects as: health & safety, environmental comfort and esthetic during construction stages.

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PT. Wika Gedung was founded on October 24, 2008 as a subsidiary of PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero), Tbk.Its establishment was pioneered by two stakeholders, PT. Wijaya Karya (parent company) and Koperasi Karyawan  PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA Employee Cooperatives). The foundation of PT. Wika Gedung, as a separate business unit, aimed to develop the company to be a leading specialist in the construction industry.

Being supported by highly skilled and well-trained human resources that value commitment, innovation, balance, excellence, team work and integrity, PT. Wika Gedung has transformed itself to be one of well-recognized construction companies in Indonesia, and expanded its business internationally by taking and handling overseas projects.

In order to meet our clients’expectations, PT. Wika Gedung has always been committed to implementing up-to-dateand innovative technology in all aspects of its construction work. On top of that, our future goal is to be the most valued construction company, and we will simply continue serving our clients with satisfaction.

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PT. Wika Gedung provides a wide range of services in building construction work. Our services include:

A.   Building construction

It covers the entire stagesof construction, such as foundation, structure, architecture, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), radio andtelecommunication installations, information technology installations, interior and exterior work, landscape, environmental work and other related activities.

Types of building covered by our services include:

1.    Buildings for residential purposes, such as single dwelling, houses in rows, apartments & condominiums, and temporary housing.

2.    Buildings for religious purposes, such as mosques, churches, monasteries, and temples.

3.    Buildings for business purposes, such asshopping malls, hotels and resorts, offices, airports, railway stations, bus stations, sea-portsand other commercial buildings.

4.    Buildings for social and cultural purposes, such as schools, university campuses, hospitals, laboratories, theaters, convention centers, and other public buildings.

5.    Buildings for special purposes such as nuclear reactors, military and security installations,and others.

B.   Construction planning, technical engineering, engineering design (Design & Build), building repair work, work supervision, testing and commissioning.

C.   Investment projects and land development.

D.   Provision of Property services (building management), and industrial estate management.

Here are among other projects that have been completed successfully by PT. Wika Gedung

Eightrium Hotel

Wika Gedung Project (6)Ros in Hotel

Wika Gedung Project (1)
Sky Bridge, Balikpapan

All Season Hotel, Bali
All Season Hotel, Bali

ratuhotelbidakraRatu Hotel


Wika Gedung Project (3)Puncak Permai Apartment

Wika Gedung Project (5)
Cervino Apartement

Solo Paragon Mall & Residence
Solo Paragon Mall & Residence

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